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An Easy Day Turned Hard

Every time I have to take the kids out and there’s a schedule, I get all anxious. Luckily this morning V napped cooperatively in the swing for about half an hour. I had to get bloodwork done and had to leave as soon as she woke.
The lab was busy and we were there for almost an hour. At least I got it out of the way. Then as I was driving there I noticed the gas tank was emptying so I had to stop for gas. We got to our Salsa Babies on time.
Z was fine and very good during the class. V was awake for the class and got tired out after. I thought to take the kids to South St Burger for lunch. Here is the sequence of events that followed.


Today was a nicer day than it has been. I took the kids out for a hike around my neighborhood. The path went far and we stumbled upon a new playground that Z had fun in. V wouldn’t fall asleep in the stroller so I wore her in the mei tai instead. She fell asleep by 9:45 and slept till 11:15.

Once she fell asleep, I took Z to a spot where he could throw some stones into the water. He was having so much fun I couldn’t pull him off. We also stopped by the library but I forgot my purse so I couldn’t sign the books out. Z was pretty upset because of that. Poor guy. He had a great time though and so did I. I put him to bed earlier so he can stick to his bedtime and sleep well at night. We’ll see. He had a rough one last night – up for 2 hrs and M had to sleep with him in his bed.

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