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And the Teething Continues

It seems that V has been teething forever. Seriously, I think she started at 3 months and has been on and off with it. Last night I managed to keep her in the crib all night, albeit the multiple times I went to her room. I also had to stay and hold her for a bit before putting her down. At the 3 o’clock visit, I fell asleep holding her and didn’t wake until after .4 am. Yikes!
The best indicator of her teething is fussiness during the day, wanting to put everything, especially paper and plastic, in her mouth. Somehow, I think she thinks that the crinkling noise will be as satisfying to feel on her gums Not. She was so fussy she even missed her last nap. I was wearing her and tried for about 1 hr and a half. So she went to bed earlier. So far, she has cried out and woken up twice.
All of her gums feel hard. Hopefully they come out soon, everyone’s sake

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