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Calm After the Storm

After the chaos from the morni

ng, V finally settled. She had that 20 min nap that drove me insane. While Z was napping I let V play for a little and nurse her. Then I wore her in the wrap while I watched Lipstick Jungle. She fell asleep calmly. I missed that. I’m sure she did as well.

I know that having time to play with Z was important and that was the main reason why I started napping her in the swing. It lasted for only a week She loves being close to me and I just love the look on her face when she wakes and looks up at me.

She ended napping for 30 min that time and once more at 430. I felt much better. For bedtime though, she only wanted me and M couldn’t settle her down so I had to leave Z and go to her. While I was out she didn’t wake.

Only at 10pm did she have a cry that was mixed with screaming and I went to her. I let her nurse because I was getting too full. She’s back in the crib now.

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