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Time for Change

Today, I’ve decided to make some changes to V’s napping schedule. I’ve been doing some research on sleep at her age and learned that on average, they sleep about 12 hrs a night, with 2-3 hrs nap during the day. Well, she is not at this point. In fact, she sleeps about 10.5-11 hrs and has 1-2 he’s nap.
I’m currently in her room on the rocker just sitting in the dark, waiting to see if ahe will fall back asleep. I was supposed to catch her before she woke but I missed it. So now, after rocking her a bit, I put her back down. She complained at first but I shushed her and she stopped. She is playing right now though I doubt she will go back to sleep. I don’t know. But what I know is that I don’t want her napping in the swing anymore. I want her to get used to the crib again.

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