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Ranting About Sleep

Ok, I’ll admit it, i have had it. Last night I was planning on NOT bringing V into our bed, determined to keep her in hers. But after being in her room for 30 min and holding her before I put her down, I finally closed my eyes only to wake up to her crying less than an hour later. M slept on the couch last night while V and I took over the bed. Apparently this happened with Z as well. Why do I not remember. One would think that something like this would be engrained in ones memory forever. Maybe not.
Many times M and I wished our kids would just fall asleep anywhere anytime. It takes so much effort to put them to sleep. Even Z, it has taken over 2 yrs for us to ease up on all the things we have to do to get him to sleep, like rocking and singing to him, including nap time. I really want V to be sleep trained soon, before we go to Amsterdam, for sure.
Today, she woke up at 5:30am so I stuck to the plan of napping her between 8 and 8:30 and so she did, with some struggle. Then I let her stay up for over 3 hrs, playing and having lunch. I could tell she was tired when she was satin because she was zoning up while I was feeding her. Again, I had to let her cry a little before she would be ready to go to sleep. And she slept for 20 minutes. Yes, 20 minutes. It took half that time to get her to sleep. I’m pooped. It just feel like she has been up all day.
Another problem I have been having in the past week or so is her refusal to nurse. Partly because she is so distracted. I even have to use the nursing cover on her while nursing in our own living room. And even then, she only nurses for a few minutes. It’s annoying. If we are in public, I.e., outside the house, forget about it. It ain’t gonna happen! Sad but true.


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