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Public Transport Adventure

Today I took the kids out. No, not just to the park or in the neighborhood. We hopped on the bus with our double stroller. Never mind that it took up almost the entire bus aisle, but getting on and off is tricky, even with a kneeling bus.
Our trip was very short – under 10 min. We went to Longos to buy some fruits. It was fun to not take the car, especially since it was not peak travel time and so the bus was not full. Otherwise, forget the stroller because I’m sure I’ll be getting stares from some people.
After we hung out at Second Cup and I got to have my coffee. V had a snack of Yogurt and baby cookie. We left around 10:30 in time for Vs next nap. She would not nurse when we got home so I just put her to nap in the swing. She cried for more than 5 min. My rule is that it should take her no more than 5 min to fall asleep if she is ready. So I took her out.
Within 20 min, I fed her lunch, sat her on the potty (and she pood), and put her back in the swing. She slept for 1hr 20 min. And Z slept for 2 hr 20 min. Yay!

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