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Swing Time

Mornings are a rush with 2 kids, especially with a baby that wake up before 6am and needs to map before 9 am. Between getting changed a d ready for the day and having breakfast, it’s non-stop hectic. M tries to help out as much as he can but my stress level is so high because I’m trying to keep v on her nap schedule.
I’ve usually napped V in the wrap, in which case, I’m unable to play with Z. Or if we go to Roywood, she naps in the stroller. Either way she gets 30 min. Yesterday, out of frustration, I put her in the carseat and covered her. M ended up rocking her and within minutes she was asleep. I felt much more relaxed after.
Today, I decided to try the swing, which she has not used in a long time, because she never liked it. The spare room has become a storage instead, for various things. IKEA patio cushions, the swing, vacuum cleaner and others. Well, it turned out that it was perfect for her to nap and she did! For 40 min, with little work. Now I know.

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