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An Eventful Day

We’ve been staying home a lot lately. Ever since the Easter long weekend, the kids have been having the sniffles. So I’ve developed a routine for staying home since I used to think that it would drive me nuts to do so everyday. I managed and it isn’t too bad.
After napping V in he wrap, I got us ready to go to the public library. Z was in undies from the start so I decided to take the chance and take him out that way. I figured there would be a washroom there anyway.

As I dressed V, Z informed me he’d like to bring monkey along with us. He then took off to the front of the house to get the monkey a jacket – his very own raincoat, and asked me to put it on him.

At the library I sat V on one of the small chairs in the kids’ section while Z and I looked through some books. I tried to nurse V so she could sleep after We stayed till about 11 since had to nap again. After signing out books, I told Z we needed to go for a walk for her nap and he could use the iTouch. He agreed.
V was fussing already after we left the library shortly. I decided to go home instead but had to stop at a park bench to nurse her because she was having hunger cries. She finally eats and Z bursts out,”monkey! I left monkey at the library.” and starts to cry. I guess we’re going back to the library after all.
I immediately call the library to reassure Z that we will go back and get it after V finishes nursing.
Just as u got up to walk, I felt pins and needles in my feet. They went away shortly, thank goodness. Then Z asks to talk to M on the phone but he is not reachable. I was afraid to upset Z more. I finally got the monkey back and gave it to Z. V already fell asleep as soon as I closed her cover’s window. Just as I pulled in to our driveway, I noticed Z had fallen asleep while on the iTouch.
Plan C: walk to Metro and get more strawberries. So I did and I walked around the neighborhood for another 50 min until one of the kids woke up. I was also worried Z would pee in his sleep. In the end, Z slept for 50 min and V, for an hour. But that was her last nap.

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