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Sleep Surprises

Lately, I have been able to put Z down for his naps sans song and book.  So far, it has been three times that I have been successful.  The very first time was out of desperation.  V had woken up in her crib from a 20-min nap very upset and I had to go get her.  I put her in our bed so I could nurse her back to sleep as I could tell she was still tired.  Unfortunately, she cried even harder when I left her.  Z, on the other hand, was insisting on brushing his teeth thoroughly with the Bucky Beaver toothpaste.  So I negotiated with him and let him brush his teeth but no song or book, just straight into bed.  He agreed to it and did not give me any problems about it at all.

Then, today, I managed to nap V in the swing in the spare room for all three naps.  I nurse her first then put her in the swing with her knitted blanket.  The first nap she didn’t cry at all and just went to sleep.  The 2nd nap, she cried hard and I had to pick her up, put her in the wrap, and then had to put her back in the swing because she ended up just playing.  I let her cry but she fell asleep after less than 5 min of crying.  The 3rd nap, she cried as well, but again, no more than 5 minutes.

Now, all I have to do is train her to sleep in her crib on her own, without the swinging motion or me nursing her to sleep.  But for the last 2 nights now, she has been staying in the crib and sleeping till 9:30pm for a feed.  It’s at this time that I unable to put her back into the crib and I end up bringing her into our bed.  One day, I  will stay up and put her back there so we can have our bed back.


A lot of times I wished our kids would just fall asleep whenever. Well, today, Z did, in the stroller, on the way home from the library.

When I have downtime with V, I sit her in the potty for poo. This is the 2nd time she pood in the potty since yesterday.

An Eventful Day

We’ve been staying home a lot lately. Ever since the Easter long weekend, the kids have been having the sniffles. So I’ve developed a routine for staying home since I used to think that it would drive me nuts to do so everyday. I managed and it isn’t too bad.
After napping V in he wrap, I got us ready to go to the public library. Z was in undies from the start so I decided to take the chance and take him out that way. I figured there would be a washroom there anyway.

As I dressed V, Z informed me he’d like to bring monkey along with us. He then took off to the front of the house to get the monkey a jacket – his very own raincoat, and asked me to put it on him.

At the library I sat V on one of the small chairs in the kids’ section while Z and I looked through some books. I tried to nurse V so she could sleep after We stayed till about 11 since had to nap again. After signing out books, I told Z we needed to go for a walk for her nap and he could use the iTouch. He agreed.
V was fussing already after we left the library shortly. I decided to go home instead but had to stop at a park bench to nurse her because she was having hunger cries. She finally eats and Z bursts out,”monkey! I left monkey at the library.” and starts to cry. I guess we’re going back to the library after all.
I immediately call the library to reassure Z that we will go back and get it after V finishes nursing.
Just as u got up to walk, I felt pins and needles in my feet. They went away shortly, thank goodness. Then Z asks to talk to M on the phone but he is not reachable. I was afraid to upset Z more. I finally got the monkey back and gave it to Z. V already fell asleep as soon as I closed her cover’s window. Just as I pulled in to our driveway, I noticed Z had fallen asleep while on the iTouch.
Plan C: walk to Metro and get more strawberries. So I did and I walked around the neighborhood for another 50 min until one of the kids woke up. I was also worried Z would pee in his sleep. In the end, Z slept for 50 min and V, for an hour. But that was her last nap.

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