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Dress Obsessed

For the last couple is days, I’ve been sewing dresses. I found a cute pattern that is super easy to use and adaptable. It’s from the Prudent Baby website.

I’ve been using M’s old suits and cutting them up. My most recent one is grey with black detailing and I’ve added pleats instead of pulling the thread to make the fabric gather. I also finished the rough edges nicely to minimize fraying. Here’s how it looks.


I can’t wait to make more of these. The dress itself took under an hour to make. The buttonhole and buttons took just as long.


Another day at home with the kids. Here’s what went down today.

Once in a while I like to let V have some naked time. She looks so cute and pudgy. And she enjoys having some air time.

While M napped V in the wrap I had a chance to spend time with Z. So I took him outside to explore dirt, like we saw on Sid the Science Kid yesterday. I conducted a video interview. Here’s the link to the YouTube video – its a partial since I took a few. This is the tail end of our investigation, where he pushes the worms back to the soil.

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