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Today has been a long day. We stayed home because both kids aren’t feeling well. V especially is terribly congested. While I was at the gym she woke up unable to sleep and when I got home she was up watching with M. She just fell asleep after 10pm and I fell asleep nursing her. I put her in the carseat and she already cried out and I send M to rock the seat. I have a feeling that it’s going to be no sleep for me tonight.

I managed to keep Z engaged with a variety of activities, some of which he initiated himself while I was busy with V.

I taught him how to use the microwave to finish the puff paint art. I told him that he needs to always ask for help when using the microwave.

After she wakes from her nap, V always looks up with a smile. She is happy to see me I guess. She has mommyitis and cries when I hand her off to M. She needs to see me or she cries.

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