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As much as Z is talking in full sentences and sometimes sounding like an adult, I keep forgetting that he is only 2.5 yrs. It’s when moments like these happen that remind me he is still a baby.

I had so much fun taking photos of V here.



Candles remind Z of birthdays. I guess it’s because that was when he first encountered them. Today at our Seder, he kept trying to blow the candles out. He was also wearing a kippa. So cute.


For the last month now, V has been having terrible nights and so were we. She slept in the carseat for about 2 weeks. Then we started bringing her into the bed and that’s when I realized that she can sleep on her back again.

So out with the carseat and into her crib we put her. However, she would wake up crying every hour and we would take turns going up to her. Some nights it’s gas but some nights I truly do not know. She’s still teething and has not popped a tooth out yet.

I know that every baby is different but both our babies have not been good sleepers. Oh well. Cosleeping works until about 4:30-5:30 when she decides it’s time to start playing and talking.

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