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I took Z to a playground this morning while napping V in the stroller. He was so excited to play in the sand when he saw this truck. I had to empty a small Tupperware container for him to use as a scooper. It was worth it.

V loves to play with new things. Literally if it’s not a toy for her, she wants it. For example, she sees Z’s sippy cup or my Kleen Kanteen and she reaches for it. For the last 2 days, she has been playing with his sippy cup with a straw, gnawing and chewing on the straw. Today, she sipped from it and had some watered down apple juice. When I took it away she reached for it. So I got her another container and put some Enfamil in it. She had a couple of sips but realized it wasn’t the same as what she had before. 6 months and able use a straw – that is truly impressive!

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