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The afternoon was more exciting than the morning. M had a staff meeting so I took the kids out to the backyard after their nap for some fresh air and playtime. Z and V enjoyed the swing do much that it didn’t bother them at all that it was a little colder than it seems out.

As I was dressing V in the bear outfit from H&M, I couldn’t help but encourage Z to give her kisses because she just looked so cute. He even did an Inuit kiss. We blew bubbles outside and went down the slide, too. V was so happy with being in the swing that she was all smiles the whole time.

We came back in after about 45 min and had some hot chocolate. Both kids’ cheeks were cold but they were content. Around 3:30 I started to get dinner prepped and had to nap V. Z was watching Yo Gabber Gabba and enjoying his hot chocolate.

After the show, Z came into the kitchen and noticed some things in a box that we were getting rid of. He picked up the oil spatter screen tool thingy and asked me what it was. Immediately I knew what he was thinking. The minute I mentioned tennis racquet, his eyes and whole face lit up. He then went to get a ball and took the lid to the colander (which also looked like a racquet), gave it to me and asked me to play tennis with me.

After V woke up i put her in the new bathtub do she wouldn’t cry. I then gave her a couple of bowling pins to play with. Z He then set up the 2 pins and gave her the ball to let her bowl.

Dessert was chocolate chip banana pancakes and Z was in heaven. He ate 3 small pancakes and his face was just smeared with chocolate – even his eyebrows!

Bath time was cute as I put their tubs side by side in the shower stall. Z played with V, running a small plastic toy car on her head and body. V was just entertained watching Z play in his tub I loved watching them

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