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Naps after lunch are always interesting. For Z, it’s usually around 12:45-1:15pm. For V, it all depends on when her last nap is. If her nap starts at least 30 min after Z’s, I wear her. It’s because he has been having short naps lately and if I’m in bed napping with her, I can’t leave or she will wake up. After waking from her nap, I went to the bathroom mirror where she saw her reflection and was all happy and smiley.

Potty training rewards do work, especially when there is candy involved. We used to give Z a sticker for each time he peed in the potty. He’s gotten so good at it now that we only reward him for poos. Yesterday, he was so excited to use the potty to poo because I gave him smarties the other day for pooing in the potty. The only thing was that the poo was really tiny –
Ike a nugget. So I explained to him that for the poos to count, they have to be significantly bigger than that. Here, he is counting and slowly enjoying the smarties I gave him.

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