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Potty Adventures

After the success in the potty after lunch, I thought it would be a good idea to try again after dinner. After I took off his diaper to change into the night diaper, he announced he needed to poo. I let him sit in the big toilet with the potty seat because he said the little potty hurt his rush. He even pointed out and explained where on the potty it hurts him. So I agreed to get the seat from downstairs.
I gave him a choice of books to read and he picked a Chanukah book. So cute. I checked on him a few minutes later to ask if anything came out and there was. Second time around, he was seriously studying the pictures and still pooing. So I went back to our bed where M and V were reading.
A few minutes later, M sits up and hurries out to the hallway. Z had gotten off the potty himself and was walking towards our room. It was very quiet before that and we should have checked on him. M was surprised to find almost half a roll of toilet paper in the toilet that Z happily and proudly put in. In the end he did poo, but because there was so much paper in there, M couldn’t see anything.

And he worst part of it all is that the toilet couldn’t be flushed because all that paper would have clogged the toilet. M had to fish it all out and squeeze out all the water. Yuck.

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