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Today has been a great day so far – despite the rough start. Last night was rough – I didn’t remember when in fought v into the bed. M was in Z’s room before 5 and stayed there till past 7 am, sleeping on a cushion in the floor.

Salsa Babies started today and I took both kids with me. S has been very easy every time we go. In fact, I bring him into the room, give him some snacks and a drink, a few toys, and he is good for the time being. I always find he will play with play-doh. I bring the accessories so be can get creative. Today, he made. Owing pins with the candle mold and was trying to roll a ball between his palms to make a bowling ball. I had to help him. He was very good on his own and would gently call out for help if he needed it. Everyone always compliments me on how well behaved he is.

After the class, I fed both kids. The nice thing about that location is I can go grocery shopping and buy food, including his lunch. V tried the Heinz packs and liked it. Z ate egg bread and mortadella. I didn’t have. Ago to moisten his read but it was so fresh it was fine without the mayo.

I had the carseat and one of the stroller seat so decided
to play around with the configurations. I cam up with this because it’s perfect in every way. V can see me and S is facing forward, plus they can see each other and Z can play with Vs feet, which she liked.

Before heading home, I stopped by Timothy’s to get a coffee and a treat for Z. He asked for a hot chocolate but I got him biscotti instead, explaining to him that he wouldn’t manage with it in the carseat without my help. He happily took it. On the way home, I asked him if i could eat the rest and he said,”No. You have coffee.”. I explained that it’s not the same as the chocolate cookie and he replied,”your coffee is your chocolate.”. What a clever boy!

After unloading the kids and groceries, I gave Z his gummy vitamins and we went upstairs. I had V in her crib playing while I got Z ready for his nap. Of course, after he took off his diaper he announced that he needed to poo. This is a great opportunity for potty training so I grabbed him an I Spy book and placed it on the stool in the bathroom and plonked him on the orange potty to do his thing.

He was too excited to stay seated that every time he dropped a load, he’d get up and tell me that he pooed again. The cleanup after was significantly easier. It took 2 wipes instead of the usual 7-8. I’m glad he did it. Now I hope he’ll sleep long for his nap. V is beside me in our bed napping and jm going to as well. I’ve got a headache and am exhausted.

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