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Separation Anxiety

Tonight I was able to go to the gym earlier – 7pm. V went to sleep for the night at 6:30pm and Z has been wanting M for bedtime recently. What a breakthrough from before.
So I drove off to the gym, not feeling upto working out while I’m driving. It’s Monday and it’s back to the cold weather. We all know too well what happens during the wintertime, we hibernate.
I finished my strength training circuit and start my cardio. In the meantime I keep in touch with M on BBM just in case. I find out V cried shortly after I left Nd M had to go back and forth between the kids. But all is well. As I’m driving home, M tells me he doesn’t know what to do with V
She’s up screaming and crying I rush home, change and go to her room where M is holding her in the rocker. As soon as she hears my voice her eyes opens and shes glad I’m home I lie her down in my arms to nurse her and she looks up at me, reaching out to touch me as if to say, “hi mommy. I’m happy you’re here. ”
All is well and she is fast asleep in my arms. She missed me.


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