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V at 6 months

I can’t help but compare my little girl to other babies when I see them. At the school I take her to, she seems far ahead of the other ones her age when it comes to development. Here is just a short list of what she is able to do:

1. She smiles at people and waits for a reaction, then smiles back at them.
2. When I see her and say “hi” to her, she says hi back.
3. If there is something within her reach, she will try to reach it with both her hands.
4. If you give her food, she takes it with her hand and puts it in her mouth.
5. She loves to stand with support and she is so proud when she does.
6. When playing, she much rather prefers to be sitting upright which allows her a clear view of everything around her. Not only that, she can also reach for things around her.
7. She responds to her older brother with such joy – watching every move he makes and laughing at his silliness.
8. She recognizes the wrap and looks forward to going in it when it’s time for her nap.
9. Cries from stranger and separation anxiety.
10. Gets upset when she does not get her way or something is taken from her.
11. Responds to her name being called.

I can’t believe she is 6 months! Time sure flies when you have a baby. Soon, she will be crawling, then walking. I always suspect that she will walk before turning one.



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