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Night waking for V have been strictly just for feedings for the last 2 months. I have not had to change her diaper because of poo in that long. So it’s always been a breeze going to her and feeding her for a few minutes and going back to sleep.

Tonight, she had a lot of gas for some reason. To top it off, she was in such a happy and alert mood – like totally awake, I kid you not, when I picked her up. It’s the kind when I get her after a nap or morning wake up. Alter she fed, she pulled off the breast and stared at the shadow of the rocker happily smiling at it. Strangely enough she had a shart so I changed her anyway.

Now she’s in the crib, slowly falling asleep. I listen for her since I can’t see her eyes because she’s facing away from the camera. As I returned from the bathroom I noticed Z’s door open so I closed it, thinking M must’ve left it opened before. Strange, I thought.

Then it dawned on me what happened when I returned to our bed. z had woken up. Apparently he woke up balling his eyes out, saying he can’t sleep anymore and he’s scared of the shadows. So M had to pick him up, calm him and sing him back to sleep.

Just as I thought V was slowing down, I switched back to her on the video monitor to catch her slamming down hard on the mattress with her arm and saying, “Aayah yah yah…”. It sounded like she was in a native drumming circle because she has one of those plastic covered mattresses (yeah, the kind that would make you sweaty if you slept on it).

Hope she goes back to sleep soon. This is not how we imagined the night would go. But then again, every night for us is an adventure in sleep, sadly.

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