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Today was going to be a different day. Instead of our usual Roywood routine, we are going to the Early Years centre.
12 degrees. Warm by winter standards. Im loving it. SoI seized the opportunity and took Z to the park to play at the playground. It was also nap time for V.

We stayed for 40 min and Z had a blast. Now that he is 2.5 years old, he's able to go up the slide himself. It as perfect. Everything worked out as planned. Of course, nothing is better than a hot chocolate after being outside for a while. Tim Horton's was our next stop. Z had a snack of a muffin and a hot chocolate.
After we went to the Early Years for an hour before he got bored and wanted to go to the library instead. So off we went and we took some books out and now we are at McD's. Yes, you read correctly. McD's. I know, I know. M and I said we didn't like taking Z here but today is a special day.

I found V with this face just before she fell asleep on our way to the park. V also got to watch the kids play at the PlayPlace. She has been giving out tons of smiles to strangers. I think she might’ve made a lot of peoples’ day. More sunshine is always good.

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