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No More Falling Asleep at the Breast

Usually, V nurses to sleep for nap time during the week, unless she is in the wrap. During the weekends, M puts her to sleep for naps. M mostly puts her down for nighttime as well since Z always wants me.

Today I did something radical. I decided to not let her nurse to sleep. She was meant to be going for her last nap of the day at 4:40pm but she hasn’t woken up. Yes, she has been sleeping since then. I nursed her, burped her and put her down, pick her up twice and finally rocked her. When she fell asleep finally, she was out like a light.

Now I’m wondering how long she’ll sleep for till she wakes up and what time shell be up for the day tomorrow. Hopefully not 3 or 4 am. Yikes! I’m trying to avoid what happened with Z and his sleep.

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