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Not Right Now

“Not right now, Zander.”. Those words seem to be used a lot by me. When we are walking to the school, Z likes to ask a lot of questions. I try to answer them as much as possible but sometimes, I hear, “hmmm?” as a response and have to often repeat myself more than twice. At that point, I tell him to wait till we get inside because it’s hard for me to hear him.
This morning, V was crying as I put her in the carseat. She continued crying all the way. And of course, Z being Z, he had questions to ask. I couldn’t talk to him over her crying do I had to tell him, “Not right now. V is crying and I can’t hear you. You need to wait till she is quiet. “.
The moment she stopped crying, Z asked, “V not crying anymore? We can talk now?”

I feel bad sometimes. Poor kid just wants to have a conversation with his mommy.

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