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Ever since M went back to work, Z has been all about mommy. No kidding, morning, noon and night. When he wakes up, he expects me to come get him. If daddy comes, he cries and asks for me. This morning, M was going to change his diaper and he threw a tantrum because he wanted me.
The day time is just the 3 of us. He is clingy even when we go to Roywood School. If I leave his sight, he starts panicking and looking around for me, calling out with increasing levels of anxiety. I have to take him with me to the bathroom when I go.
At night, I’m the one to bathe, change, dress and read to him. He might read a book with M, but that’s about it. It’s me, and only me, who puts him to bed. I don’t recall the last time when he genuinely wanted M to put him to bed.
I wonder how long this will last for?

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