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Today has been a fun day despite a rough start for me. I slipped and hit my head on the cabinet in the laundry room because the hose leaked. I was a little achy from the fall. The morning was spent at the Early Years Centre where we have not been in a while. Z had a lot of fun there and V got to spent some time with me reading. She loves to turn her head and look at me and smile when I do that.

These feet are going to dance someday. I put V in the Exersaucer while Z and I played. She was happy to be in it and watch us being silly.

20120208-191647.jpg<br /p
I thought of taking Z's feet photo as well. He followed my instructions well and stood with his feet together. I love these little piggies.

Here he is reading one of the library books on basketball. He was so excited to read them after waking from his nap. I love his enthusiasm for books.

Sock poo or toe lint is source of great pleasure for Z.

Today, V seemed to want to eat – not just breast milk but real food. So I gave her a clementine to suck on and she sucked it so hard that the whole thing went in her mouth and panicked for a few seconds, worried she might choke on it. But all was fine. Then, I offered her an arrowroot cookie because I know it is hard enough she could gum it without it breaking off chunks and her choking on it

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