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I always love it when Z goes into his own imaginative play. This morning, while wearing his apron, he told he he was going to go grocery shopping. He proceeded to put a bunch of change into his apron pocket. Then he went and picked out some plastic food to put on a tray and serve it to M.


Today I dressed V as a pretty little girl. She looked so cute in tights a dress and a hair clip. I love to dress her up.

Now that she’s 4 months old, she can play in the Exersaucer for 5-8 min. She loves the rolling rattle and is able to spin it herself. I love how when she looks down, all u see are her cheeks.

Adventures in Sleeping

Tonight, we tried M’s suggestion of half swaddling V for her sleep in the crib. Just like Z used to be, she has been asleep with her arms free since 7pm. Last 4 nights, she slept in the carseat. I’m so glad she’s able to lie down tonight.

Both kids went to bed for 7pm and its so nice to have that time after to do whatever we want. I’ve recently discovered Prison Break (2 nights ago) and can’t stop watching it. Last night I had to stop myself from watching another episode so I could catch extra sleep. And I did. I woke up feeling a lot better.

It’s already 9pm. I’m going to watch another one and go to sleep. I watched one earlier with M.


A good night’s sleep always fixes things. Last night I decided to put him to bed 30 min earlier and he didn’t fight it. He woke up this morning in a great mood so we rewarded him with watching Yo Gabba Gabba in our bed. Although he woke up at 530 am (because of his poo), he still got 11 hrs of sleep.

Every morning when V wakes up, this is what greets us. Her toothless grin is precious and she is so happy to be picked up. Often, she complains when she wakes up and is still in the carseat covered. As soon as the cover is lifted and she gets eye contact from you, she’s all smiles and moves her arms and legs excitedly.


No Rest for the Wicked

Here’s to another rough day. As I write this, I’m feeling the pouding headache that comes with a flu. I’ve been going nonstop since last night. I think the longest stretch of sleep I got is 3.5 hrs. I’m beyond exhausted.

I’m sitting on the couch nursing V, for the 5th time in the last 2 hrs, dreading that Z is going to wake soon. V fell asleep on the walk to Roywood but woke up 15 min later. Then she had a 30 min nap at lunch, followed bu another 30 min nap in the afternoon. The 4th nap is often the hardest one.

I am waiting for .M to come home.


The day has been a crazy one. I often feel that I don’t play enough with Z. After dinner, he wanted to play some more before bedtime. He went to sit on his drum stool and started drumming. We are going to borrow a friend’s drum kit for him soon.

No Sleep

The night started out good until 10pm. I made changes to V’s sleeping arrangements and after she woke for her first feeding, she had a rough time going back to sleep. And so did Z.

Just minutes after she woke up, Z cried out for me. He must’ve had a nightmare. M is trying to help me out more since I’ve been doing most of the night parenting recently.Understandably V needs me because she will only take the boob and Z has been super clingy.

Suffice it to say, both M and I got snappy at each other because the situation was getting frustrating. V was wide awake and must have had about 7-8 yawns and Z was repeatedly getting up and crying out after multiple visits with pickups and songs.

It’s now Just past midnight and the storm seemed to have passed. V is finally asleep on me on the rocker. After going to Z two times, I’ve decided to let him know I’m not going back of he is to get up and same with M. So he screamed and cried for less than 8 min and I think he is also finally asleep.

What a crazy night it has been. Time for me to go to sleep.

Another One Bites the Dust

The day has come – I’m not immune to illnesses, apparently. This is my first one this year. Flu-like symptoms surfaced upon waking this morning. I really thought it was from me playing Wii Boxing so intently last night.

My shoulders and back muscles are achy. My nose is ticket and my throat, starting to feel sore. I suspect i will have a hoarse sexy voice tomorrow morning. Sucks to be sick. I took Tylenol Cold and Sinus though so I hope it does it’s job.

Tonight is an extra early night. It’s currently after 7 and I’m already in bed. V is in the carseat in our room. I thought it would be better to keep an eye on her.

Early Morning Tantrum

Z woke up at 5:30 am and we brought him into our bed in hopes he’ll go back to sleep. Well, he tried alright. M, being the tired and cranky one, had very little tolerance for him because he was kicking m in he back. The minute M raised his voice and threatened to take him back to his crib, Z started throwing his tantrum.

This is how the exchange of dialogue went:

Z: I’m hungry. I want something to eat.
M: It’s too early. (it was around 6am)
Z: I wanna go now. ( whiningly)
Me: Zuzu, we can go in 10 minutes.
Z: (started complaining and whining more)9 50%
M: (started laughing) what?
Z: (laughing as well). The binger.
Me: what’s a binger?
Z: it goes ‘bing’
M: oh, the timer! (more laughter). Oh, ok. You win. Let’s go downstairs.


Having a video monitor is very useful – in the sense that you can see whether you need to go to your baby before you do. On the other hand, I find myself,?many a time, watching it as if it’s tv. Especially these last few weeks, there has been too many sleepless nights and early mornings.

I think between the two kids, we monitor Z’s sleep patterns more than V’s. Eversince being sick the 2nd time this year, he has been waking at night and getting up really early – like 4:30 am, or in case of today, 3:30 am. Normally when she’s not sick, I am able to put her down awake and she’ll go right back to sleep without much fuss. But with teething and a cold, that’s a tall order from a baby, I’d say.

I was so relieved to see that he’s still asleep even if he is in this position. It’s his “I’m too sexy for my bed.” pose. He does from time to time and it always makes me smile.

This was V, 30 minutes ago, after I fed and changed her. Happily sucking on her hands and talking to herself, I thought she might fall asleep on her own after. Not a fat chance! She got frustrated and started crying out so in comes mommy to the rescue. Now she is nursing and I’m hoping to put her back in the crib for a couple of hours.
V has been sleeping in the carseat almost all might so I thought to give a break.

Poor girl is getting 2 needles on her birthday. Happy birthday, V!

Funny Things Z Says

Z: mommy, you are still fat?
Me: yes, I’m still fat.
Z: come exercise.

Me: (singing ‘I’ve been working n a railroad…’
Z: don’t do that again.
(it’s a bedtime song only, apparently.)

As I’m putting on the wrap to get V ready for her last nap.
Z: mommy, don’t put that thing on.
Me: why not?
Z: I want you to play with me.

M: I’m going to the bathroom. I’ll be right back.
Z: you going to the bafroom?
M. Yes, it’s “bathroom”, not “bafroom”
But I think it’s cute the way you say it.
Z: bafroom. Bafroom. (giggles).

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