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I was in the kitchen tidying up when I heard Z say, “I’m going to call daddy.”. By the time I came around to see what he did, the number was already dialing. The beauty of speed dial. M didn’t answer so it kicked into answering machine.

A minute later, M called back and I put on the speakerphone for him. He had a full conversation with Z and it was so cute to see him talking on the phone. I also found out much later that he had been taking photos of his Cream of Mushroom Soup and cucumbers on his plate. So funny.

V and I got to hang out for about 45 min while Z was napping. It’s so easy to just put her down and do other things. I feel bad when I can’t balance my time between the two of them, especially in rough days. She was in such a happy mood.

I think I’m slowly starting to accept the fact that she might just be a catnapper for now. I’m happy if she sleeps much better at night.

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