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The Morning After

Here are the results of my hair tie experiment.



What do you think?

Hair Ties

I’ve been wanting to try the paper bag curling method by Michelle Phan that I saw on YouTube. I tried it with the paper bag strips she suggested but it didn’t work. They were getting wrinkled too much and were not holding up all the hair I had.

So I switched to scrap fabric pieces I’ve got lots of those. I also enlisted my hubby’s help – while he watched his Storage Wars show on AE. It was hard work since my hair was partially damp to begin with, instead of damp. Anyways it is done and all I have to do is sleep on it tonight. Here is what I look like:

I’ll post a photo tomorrow morning when I take the ties off.


Nice looking buns

We have been baking a lot in our kitchen. Not just sweets but also breads. Today, M made hamburger buns. We have been talking about making them for a while now.

Here is what they looked like while proofing.


Here they are after baking. They were so soft and fluffy. OMG.


The recipe is from the Kitchn. Try it and you’ll love it. It took no time compared to most breads.


Having a nanny was great. Not only is your house clean but the little one is also cared for while you are at work. It’s amazing though how much and how little, at the same time, attachment he has with her. He never asked about her after we let her go. At the same time, when she comes to babysit or clean the house, he is excited to see and play with her.

I love the innocent look of a child watching hockey and watching the pleasure they experience as the devour a brownie. Prior to him getting the brownie, he told us he wanted to get dessert from the kitchen. We asked him if he could smell something and he exclaimed, “Brownies!”.

Washing an newborn is not as fun as washing a 3 or 4 month old. V used to cry whenever we took off her clothes. Now she gets so excited and even more so when she sees herself in the mirror naked before getting into the tub. Her hair is stylable. If you comb it out after the bath, it’s straight. But if you finger comb it, then it’s curly.

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