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I always love it when Z goes into his own imaginative play. This morning, while wearing his apron, he told he he was going to go grocery shopping. He proceeded to put a bunch of change into his apron pocket. Then he went and picked out some plastic food to put on a tray and serve it to M.


Today I dressed V as a pretty little girl. She looked so cute in tights a dress and a hair clip. I love to dress her up.

Now that she’s 4 months old, she can play in the Exersaucer for 5-8 min. She loves the rolling rattle and is able to spin it herself. I love how when she looks down, all u see are her cheeks.

Adventures in Sleeping

Tonight, we tried M’s suggestion of half swaddling V for her sleep in the crib. Just like Z used to be, she has been asleep with her arms free since 7pm. Last 4 nights, she slept in the carseat. I’m so glad she’s able to lie down tonight.

Both kids went to bed for 7pm and its so nice to have that time after to do whatever we want. I’ve recently discovered Prison Break (2 nights ago) and can’t stop watching it. Last night I had to stop myself from watching another episode so I could catch extra sleep. And I did. I woke up feeling a lot better.

It’s already 9pm. I’m going to watch another one and go to sleep. I watched one earlier with M.


A good night’s sleep always fixes things. Last night I decided to put him to bed 30 min earlier and he didn’t fight it. He woke up this morning in a great mood so we rewarded him with watching Yo Gabba Gabba in our bed. Although he woke up at 530 am (because of his poo), he still got 11 hrs of sleep.

Every morning when V wakes up, this is what greets us. Her toothless grin is precious and she is so happy to be picked up. Often, she complains when she wakes up and is still in the carseat covered. As soon as the cover is lifted and she gets eye contact from you, she’s all smiles and moves her arms and legs excitedly.


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