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No Sleep

The night started out good until 10pm. I made changes to V’s sleeping arrangements and after she woke for her first feeding, she had a rough time going back to sleep. And so did Z.

Just minutes after she woke up, Z cried out for me. He must’ve had a nightmare. M is trying to help me out more since I’ve been doing most of the night parenting recently.Understandably V needs me because she will only take the boob and Z has been super clingy.

Suffice it to say, both M and I got snappy at each other because the situation was getting frustrating. V was wide awake and must have had about 7-8 yawns and Z was repeatedly getting up and crying out after multiple visits with pickups and songs.

It’s now Just past midnight and the storm seemed to have passed. V is finally asleep on me on the rocker. After going to Z two times, I’ve decided to let him know I’m not going back of he is to get up and same with M. So he screamed and cried for less than 8 min and I think he is also finally asleep.

What a crazy night it has been. Time for me to go to sleep.

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