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No Sleep

The night started out good until 10pm. I made changes to V’s sleeping arrangements and after she woke for her first feeding, she had a rough time going back to sleep. And so did Z.

Just minutes after she woke up, Z cried out for me. He must’ve had a nightmare. M is trying to help me out more since I’ve been doing most of the night parenting recently.Understandably V needs me because she will only take the boob and Z has been super clingy.

Suffice it to say, both M and I got snappy at each other because the situation was getting frustrating. V was wide awake and must have had about 7-8 yawns and Z was repeatedly getting up and crying out after multiple visits with pickups and songs.

It’s now Just past midnight and the storm seemed to have passed. V is finally asleep on me on the rocker. After going to Z two times, I’ve decided to let him know I’m not going back of he is to get up and same with M. So he screamed and cried for less than 8 min and I think he is also finally asleep.

What a crazy night it has been. Time for me to go to sleep.

Another One Bites the Dust

The day has come – I’m not immune to illnesses, apparently. This is my first one this year. Flu-like symptoms surfaced upon waking this morning. I really thought it was from me playing Wii Boxing so intently last night.

My shoulders and back muscles are achy. My nose is ticket and my throat, starting to feel sore. I suspect i will have a hoarse sexy voice tomorrow morning. Sucks to be sick. I took Tylenol Cold and Sinus though so I hope it does it’s job.

Tonight is an extra early night. It’s currently after 7 and I’m already in bed. V is in the carseat in our room. I thought it would be better to keep an eye on her.

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