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Early Morning Tantrum

Z woke up at 5:30 am and we brought him into our bed in hopes he’ll go back to sleep. Well, he tried alright. M, being the tired and cranky one, had very little tolerance for him because he was kicking m in he back. The minute M raised his voice and threatened to take him back to his crib, Z started throwing his tantrum.

This is how the exchange of dialogue went:

Z: I’m hungry. I want something to eat.
M: It’s too early. (it was around 6am)
Z: I wanna go now. ( whiningly)
Me: Zuzu, we can go in 10 minutes.
Z: (started complaining and whining more)9 50%
M: (started laughing) what?
Z: (laughing as well). The binger.
Me: what’s a binger?
Z: it goes ‘bing’
M: oh, the timer! (more laughter). Oh, ok. You win. Let’s go downstairs.


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