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Having a video monitor is very useful – in the sense that you can see whether you need to go to your baby before you do. On the other hand, I find myself,?many a time, watching it as if it’s tv. Especially these last few weeks, there has been too many sleepless nights and early mornings.

I think between the two kids, we monitor Z’s sleep patterns more than V’s. Eversince being sick the 2nd time this year, he has been waking at night and getting up really early – like 4:30 am, or in case of today, 3:30 am. Normally when she’s not sick, I am able to put her down awake and she’ll go right back to sleep without much fuss. But with teething and a cold, that’s a tall order from a baby, I’d say.

I was so relieved to see that he’s still asleep even if he is in this position. It’s his “I’m too sexy for my bed.” pose. He does from time to time and it always makes me smile.

This was V, 30 minutes ago, after I fed and changed her. Happily sucking on her hands and talking to herself, I thought she might fall asleep on her own after. Not a fat chance! She got frustrated and started crying out so in comes mommy to the rescue. Now she is nursing and I’m hoping to put her back in the crib for a couple of hours.
V has been sleeping in the carseat almost all might so I thought to give a break.

Poor girl is getting 2 needles on her birthday. Happy birthday, V!

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