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Red Undies

Last year, my mom bought all the girls in the family red undies. Not for Valentine’s Day. It’s for good luck for the coming new Lunar year. Yes, she would call us and remind us to wear it the night before some wouldn’t forget.

Tomorrow is The Lunar New Year – Year of the Dragon. She just called me a few minutes ago to wish us a Happy New Year and ask if I still had the red undies from last year. I needed to put them on tonight. So when I finish this post, I shall change my undies in order to have good luck come my way tomorrow. Perhaps it will come in the form of money??? Who knows?

I just changed into one of the two red undies I have. It was sweet and thoughtful of her to have shopped at Sears and La Senza. At least they were stylish and not some old granny bloomers. And they were the right size, too. Which reminds me, I need to tell M to also put on his red boxers, which we bought at Walmart last year. Now, I remember shopping for red undies for him. So funny.

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