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Sadly, V seems to be sick again. She has been having terrible naps today and it’s more than just teething. She is congested as well. This was taken right after her bath. She is wearing Z’s old sleeper. So cute. I had to go to her 2 times and the 2nd time, put saline drops in her nose and then nurse her to relieve her congestion. It seemed to have worked for now. M and I are not looking forward to the rough night we might be having tonight.

I brought up her carseat just in case it gets so bad that she isn’t able to sleep in the crib. Now I know why she slept for over 2 hrs when we went to IKEA yesterday – its because she could breathe! Duh!


For the past few days, we have been very lax about Z being on the iPad or iTouch, especially because he has been sick. This morning, he was refusing to turn it off and go downstairs for breakfast. M threatened to not let him go on the Wii as well if he didn’t turn it off.. he finally did.

Ever since he has been sick he has gotten more clingy to me. It’s very sweet sometimes but at times, it is not. For example, he would get demanding of my attention, even after I’ve told him that he would have to wait. He’ll continue to call, “Mommy…mommy….mommy…” and sometimes it gets louder and more urgent (even if it isn’t urgent at all.). Tonight during book time, he was all over me, hugging, climbing, snuggling into me. It was very nice.

Then he pulled the “one more book, mommy.” I said, “NOOoo” every time he asked again. After about 3 times hearing my response, he said to me, “Mommy, don’t say that!”. I asked what he meant and he replied, “Don’t say those things.”.

Another thing we have been working on a lot lately are his Please and Thank You’s. Today he said Thank You to me several times. One of which was after bath time. I asked him if he wanted to wear one-piece or two-piece and he chose the latter. When I brought the pjs to the couch where he was laying, he thanked me for it. Aww, he sounds so grown up when he remembers to be polite. Next thing to work on is his potty training.

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