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Midnight Express

M and I went to bed extra early. Not that that we were asleep by 8pm, but at least we were in bed. We watched Criminal Minds and I fell asleep way before the show was over. M brought the audio monitor for V up to our room so we could keep an ear out for both kids since Z had a fever.

At 11:45pm, M heard him cry out in his dream and upon checking the video monitor, he was up. We went in together to check on him, give him meds, water, change his diaper and wipe him down. As it turned out, his fever had gone up in temperature and so we offered lots of water to hydrate him. We had to go through the bedtime routine again and it looks like he might take longer to fall back asleep. M had to go in and pick him up and sing him a song. I think he may be asleep. It’s almost 1am.

As for V, she slept for over 5 hrs before waking to eat. Actually she did not even wake. She roused slightly And i thought to go feed her before she fully wake a so she can go right back to sleep. Within 10 min, she was back in her crib. Her hands were icicles though when I picked her up so I turned off the humidifier. I tried to warm her hands up as much as possible while I nurses her but it’s still cold.

I’m going back to sleep now before I have to wake up again.

Here are the kiddies asleep.



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