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Every Thursday I take V to Salsa Babies.. Its more for V and I but Z gets to tag along since it’s just me and the kids. I admit, it was challenging at first leaving the house with 2 kids but I think I’ve mastered it.

Today was no exception, except on the way home from Bayview Village. He had wanted a chocolate muffin so I bought him one. I even offered chocolate ice cream instead but he refused. So, on the drive home, he was enjoying his muffin and listening to his music when all of a sudden it became quiet, except for V complaining and the music playing.
I turned to my trusty mirror and see Z, sitting still, holding the plastic bag containing the muffin, but eyes open with his hair all over his face. A few minutes later, his eyes were closed and his muffin rolled off his hands as I made a turn onto our street. He had fallen asleep eating his muffin.

Gingerly, I unbuckled his seatbelt and carried him into the house. I’m an expert at stripping shoes and jackets off sleeping kids. Of course I took V into the house first. As I was taking his seatbelt off I noticed the chocolate smeared fingers and face. I didn’t bother wiping them for fear of waking him up.

Even though V hates her carseat, she’s still an easier baby than Z was. Nowadays, she protests loudly as soon as I lift her into the carseat. After less than minutes she is fine. Today she did it twice and I’m glad she is learning. She was so happy after I nursed her at Chapters.

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