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V loves to watch tv. I think she likes to listen to dialogues and it’s calming for her. I was exercising with the Wii and she was patiently waiting and watching me from her chair. After I fed and changed her, I gave her tummy time. She loved it.

After dinner we had feeler with Nutella for dinner bi found the recipe by Alton Brown and it is the best by far. It’s so good you can eat it on it’s own. Our small bottle of Nutella was almost empty so I decided to scrape and eat what little was left. I put it down on the couch for a few minutes to feed V and Z got a hold of it.


Every Thursday I take V to Salsa Babies.. Its more for V and I but Z gets to tag along since it’s just me and the kids. I admit, it was challenging at first leaving the house with 2 kids but I think I’ve mastered it.

Today was no exception, except on the way home from Bayview Village. He had wanted a chocolate muffin so I bought him one. I even offered chocolate ice cream instead but he refused. So, on the drive home, he was enjoying his muffin and listening to his music when all of a sudden it became quiet, except for V complaining and the music playing.
I turned to my trusty mirror and see Z, sitting still, holding the plastic bag containing the muffin, but eyes open with his hair all over his face. A few minutes later, his eyes were closed and his muffin rolled off his hands as I made a turn onto our street. He had fallen asleep eating his muffin.

Gingerly, I unbuckled his seatbelt and carried him into the house. I’m an expert at stripping shoes and jackets off sleeping kids. Of course I took V into the house first. As I was taking his seatbelt off I noticed the chocolate smeared fingers and face. I didn’t bother wiping them for fear of waking him up.

Even though V hates her carseat, she’s still an easier baby than Z was. Nowadays, she protests loudly as soon as I lift her into the carseat. After less than minutes she is fine. Today she did it twice and I’m glad she is learning. She was so happy after I nursed her at Chapters.

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