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This is my little family chilling together. While I get dinner ready in the kitchen, the boys play Wii Sports and V chills on the floor beside daddy. Z is so good with technology that he is currently beating M at Tennis. I can’t believe it!


Most babies hate tummy time, but I think V doesn’t mind it at all. In fact I think she enjoys it. She never complains and can stay in that position for at least 3-4 min. That’s a lot of time for a 3 month old.



Today was a very chilly day. But nothing warms me up more than seeing V’s big smile upon waking up. Thank goodness for the sun as well, it would’ve been a cold and dreary day.


Z watching a baby DVD(somehow he enjoys it more than V does. Weird.). He was drumming on the tv because the DVD was about music instruments.

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