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Today is back to routines for everyone. The winter/Xmas break is over and today is the 1stbday back to school for kids and teachers alike, including Z’s dad. For 2 weeks, there was no real schedule. We get out of bed around 7:30 am, sometimes 8:00 am for breakfast and stay in our pjs for most of the morning.

It was not a happy situation when daddy had to leave this morning. Z was very upset because he got so used to having daddy around for 2 weeks. V was crying in her carseat because she wanted to sleep already and the strap was twisted and M was running late for work. In the end, the crying ceased and off we went for our day.

Our daily routine involves going to Roywood School (15 min walk from our house, thank goodness for that!”. We get there for about 9am and stay til 11:15 am. It’s great because that is our morning right there and Z gets to socialize and be with other kids. It also gets me out of the house, too.

During gym time, they have balls, rings, and ride-on toys to play with. I usually am. It able to play with him some fends for himself and he is fine. I just keep an eye out for him. Usually around 11:10 am, Marianne calls out, “one more minute!” and it gives the kids an indication of when it’s about to end. Today, Z helped clean up by bringing hiss equipment he was playing with back. Then he went back to. Where he was playing, and to my surprise, picked up 3 more balls, all different sizes, and put them back in the ball sack! Then after he was satisfied there were no more balls to be picked up, he took his place in front of a wall, getting ready to play “touch the wall”.


Coming home for lunch is always hectic because both kids are usually awake. If V is fed, I can usually leave her on a chair by herself while i make Z’s lunch. Z plays well on his own and he took out the back cushions off the couch and was jumping on them on the floor. I found him lying down with Eyore. Apparently, they were sleeping. Once I had his lunch ready, I put him in the high chair, a bib, and gave him his bowl of Cream of Mushroom soup, and a mortadella sandwich. I took V up to try to sleep her.

After 10 min or so, I came down to check on Z. I was worried I’d find a big mess because while I was nursing V, I kept hearing banging noises. I immediately thought that he had thrown his plate and bowl around and that there was soup everywhere on the floor. Much to my surprise, he showed me his empty plate and bowl proudly, with soup dribbling all over his chin and bib. I, too, was so proud. Dessert was strawberries and Nutella. Again, I had to leave him to got to V because she was crying and fussing.

A it turned out, she was not ready for the sleep sack. Everytime she twitched, it woke her up and made her upset. So we went back to the good old swaddle and I had to nurse her to calm her down again. Then I went down to check on Z and eat my lunch, too,

And here is what I found…


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