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This morning, we were busy getting ready for the day. As I went from the bathroom to our bedroom I caught a glimpse of Z reading and singing the Hokey Pokey Elmo book. He was singing the right tune but had to make up some words since he didn’t know a lot of them. It made me giggle.


The homestay students from Brazil arrived this morning at 658 am. Z had been do excited since I told him they were coming to stay with us. For lunch we made pizza from scratch and I thought it would be fun for the kids to load up the pizza.

Summer in a Shell

Oysters are a favorite with M and I. I remember going to our friends’ Arthur and Meaghan’s wedding 3 years go and eating oysters from an oyster bar. All we could think of was, “People don’t know hat they’re missing. More for us then.”.

Today, we went to Diana’s Seafood and bought 60 French Kiss oysters and gorged on them. The juices were salty but the oyster meat was sweet. We tried them with lemon juice and they were good. But what made them even better was Sriracha hot sauce. Oh, it was yummy!





Z loves his grandpa. He will go to him anytime and us always enthusiastic about seeing him. Reading is one of the things that Z loves to do. Here gramps is reading him a Russian book and he is very engaged in the story.


V also loves her gramps even though she’s only 3 months old. He is always making her smile no matter what he does. She is so happy when he gets down on the floor and interacts with her.

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