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5/365 part 1

Going on the iTouch is one of Z’s treats every morning. His favorite things to do on it are: watching Electric Company, Sesame Street or Yo Gabba Gabba, playing bowling, basketball, and watching YouTube videos of different sports off ABC Play. He has learned so much from the iPad as well.

At age 2, he knows how to count to 15, recognizes 14 out of 26 letters and can sing at least 3 songs on his own. he never ceases to amaze me. Sometimes when he is hungry, I give him the Gerber Stars to snack on before breakfast. Here, he is watching his show and snacking on the Stars like he is eating popcorn. And he eats it like we do. So funny.


V has had a very strong neck even when she was 2 months old. I often forget to give her tummy time but when I do, I’m always amazed by how well she can support herself and keep her head up.






5/365 part 2


Bath time is so much fun. V has been enjoying splashing lately. She is so happy when I’m talking to her. I took so many photos today but this is one of the best ones.


Z was too busy playing in the tub to give me a smile. I bathe V and M bathes Z.

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