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It’s been a busy morning at the Lee-Vaisman household. Grocery Gateway rang the doorbell at 6:57 am with our groceries that I ordered 2 days ago. Both kids were up by 6:30 am.

Today, M and I start our 2 day detox plan from the Dr. Oz website. Quinoa with prunes and rice milk not the tastiest but I guess it’s supposed to detoxify you. It filled us up though.

With all that energy we started to some cleaning. Z wanted to get involved so I gave him his own J cloth and spray bottle with water and vinegar. Of course after a few minutes all he wanted to do was spray away on any surface and not wipe it down. It was fun to watch him.


V slept for 1.5 hrs and it really helped us with getting things done. Z was pretty independent, taking out toys as needed and coming back to check in with me every so often.


Now we are in front of the tv folding laundry watching a cooking show. We are such foodies!

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