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Weight Loss Plan

I have a few new year’s resolutions that I am going to stick with for sure.  I don’t have a long list because I know that people never usually get to the end of the list anyway.

1.  Drink a glass of wine every night after the kids go to bed.  I have not laughed so hard (story below) in a very long time.  It feels great. 

2. Portion ControlI love to eat.  I love food and I like to indulge.  That is my problem.

3. Start exercising.  I have not exercised since Booty Camp or Salsa babies after Z was little.  I need to do some everyday.  I printed out some from Dr Oz’s website.


Funny Story

M and I were discussing how we could implement portion control to help us lose weight.  I mentioned that we would need to buy 60 pkgs of frozen dinners and we would have to buy them from different stores so people would not look at us funny.  Then we thought maybe we’ll order from Grocery Gateway so we don’t have to be carrying it to a checkout counter.


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