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Miracle of Sleep

We took Z skating at the Civic Centre this morning. Leaving the house with 2 kids take awhile. We decided to go at 10 am but by the time we left the house it was 10 min to 11.

The weather was actually nice today – kind of mild, but down at the rink, it was windy. I guess there was a wind tunnel there. V was bundled up in the carseat, trying to sleep and crying, while I was freezing my head off rocking her stroller. She never really stayed asleep for a period of time.

On the way home, Z wanted to go to Pho Metro so I had to take her home and the 2’of them went for lunch together. Poor V was crying all the way home. She was glad to be out of the carseat finally.

When we got home, I nursed her and soon, she was asleep. 12:15. I felt so relieved. While she slept, I curled my hair and. Made sushi rolls. She ended up sleeping for 3 hrs. What a record. Hopefully, she will sleep better tonight.



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