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My Sports Jock

My toddler is into sports. Eversince we discovered ABC Play on the iPad, he has expanded his knowledge of sports a lot. This kid is unbelievable and knows almost every sport that is out there.

In this photo, he is playing billiards. I taught him how to hold the cue stick and use his other hand for support. It’s so cute.

For Chrismukkah, he got a 6-pin bowling set, a mini billiards table, mini foosball table and bob skates. He is so excited to go skating that almost everyday for the last 3 days, he gets his skates and helmet out and wants to put them on.

So far, bowling has been an everyday, more than once a day activity. He makes us set up the pins for him.



Here he is bowling in his Yo Gabba Gabba undies.


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