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To Nap or Not Nap

Our little girl has finally fallen asleep in the Moby wrap. After Several attempts, including nursing down in our bed and swaddling and rocking, she is finally out. Just as I was putting her down, Z woke up. So I suggested to M to take him out to play in the snow. So they did.

I was dozing off with her suckling on me and feeling semi-successful. A few minutes later, she detached on her own and I was free to move around and get comfortable. However, as luck would have it, her big brown eyes opened and she gave me a huge smile. Back to square one, my nipples were getting sore so I decided to just swaddle her and put her in the crib.

I let her fuss and cry it out for a for a few minutes and then there was silence. I felt relieved for a moments, but not for long. 5 minutes after I had donned my snow pants, jacket, mitts to go and join the boys, she started crying. Up I went again, to rescue her. This time, I use brought her down and was going to let her stay up. What the heck, says M. Just let her stay up and see what happens.

It is exhausting though, I tell you. I’m so glad she is finally resting because I do want her to get better soon. We’ll see about sleep tonight.


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