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Too Many Things Running Through my Head

Not sure where to begin. Let’s see…

Been eating too many sweets lately. My efforts to lose weight are almost nil. Bad, very bad. I really need to get healthier. I can’t use nursing as an excuse anymore – it hasn’t worked the last pregnancy and it won’t work now. Holidays are terrible because there’s chocolates and cakes everywhere. I never had a sweet tooth until after the 2nd pregnancy. I’m planning to do a 48-hr weekend detox from Dr. Oz as soon as the holidays are over.

Poor baby V. Only 3 months and has already been sick twice. This time around, she had to go to the hospital because she had a fever of 39 degrees. To top it off, she has bronchiolitis and had to have a puffer with an aerochamber prescribed for her. And the aerochamber ain’t cheap – $54.99! Yikes. She has been taking it every 4-6 hrs for the last 3 days now. Her coughs are still horrible though – so hard that I feel like she is going to throw up as a result.

Part of my motivation to lose weigh was to be able to wear a 2-pc bikini again on the beach. I’ve been dreaming of going to a Beaches Resort, but upon seeing my research findings, I realize it’s just too expensive. Traveling with 2 kids is just not the same as traveling with one. We still have a gift cert from Omni good for 2 nights that we can use. But airfares are just too Expensive.

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