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A Busy and Productive Day

It has been a very busy day for M and I. Just after we put both kids down to nap, we started cleaning and reorganizing the house. It seems that just 2 was after our cleaning lady did a grand cleaning last Sun, our place got dirty and cluttered very quickly.

Amazingly, V slept for over 2 hrs. I guess she must have been exhausted from the last 2 days. She was actually happy and content to sit and lie on her back when she was awake. She would only cry when she was tired and was trying to tell us she wanted to sleep.

She even smiled a lot with M. Z on the other hands, has had a small appetite all day and is complaining of his legs hurting since going to bed. He is up right now and M had to go to him 2 times and sing to him. We gave him Tylenol for his pain. Hopefully he’ll sleep for the rest of the night.

I reorganized the playroom and removed some things that we were not using as much – Iike the swing. The play kitchens are now in the breakfast room along with the play food sets. As soon as Z woke up and saw the new layout, he immediately went to go and play there, I always knew that rearranging his toys would make it more appealing and get his attention again.

We also moved some bookcases. It felt productive. I guess its a good way to start the upcoming new year.


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