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Morning Routine

My son, Z, wakes up every morning and let’s us know he’s up by calling out loud. It may sound like crying at first, but it isn’t. “mommy, daddy, Violet, come!”.

As soon as I open the door and step into the room, I’m sometimes greeted by the wafting smell of his poo. “I pooed.” After a quick diaper change, with me engaging him in a conversation asking him to estimate how big he thinks the load is, we go back to “mommy daddy’s bed” and snuggle with either an iTouch or the iPad.

Today, something else happened. As I got close to his bed, he lifted my shirt to reveal my bulging belly. I have been telling him that I need to lose some weight. As much as he loves my belly, kissing and squishing his face into it, I REALLY needs to lose weight. As he lifted my shirt, he said,”mommy belly smaller? Shoot it into the basketball net?”. I laughed and replied, “No, mommy’s belly is too big to fit into the basket.”

I picked him up and kissed his face. Oh how I love him so. He is one smart 2 yr old!





A Contradiction

Seen at NYGH. No explanation required.


Happy Hanukkah


Zander’s first time lighting candles with daddy. He was so excited he wanted to blow them out. Then he asked for a gelt.

What a Day!

Finally, I am home and both kids are asleep. M had to take Z home earlier since we didn’t know when everything was going to be done at the hospital. Z was quiet on the car ride home and cried a little before going to sleep bec he wanted mommy. They had a bath and lit the candles for Hanukkah and watched some NBA on the iPad before going to bed. Z fell asleep instantaneously at 8pm. I bet he was exhausted.
Z was very well behaved at the H. We had to have McD for dinner bec of time and resources. He ate ok and was more interested in touching the wall and playing with the bedrail. In the x-ray room, he got to go behind the glass wall and hang out with the technicians and got a big sticker. I also pointed out to him V’s x-ray picture.
Poor V had to be trapped in this plastic container upright, with me holding her arms up do they could take an x-ray of her chest. She was crying the whole time and I was trying not to get upset, too, so I imagined her as a ballerina on her tippy toes. Lol
I’m just glad we’re finally home it has been a long and exhausting 2 days. She is sleeping in her crib right now and I hope she sleeps well tonight. M has run out to get her prescription for a puffer at SDM. I’m too exhausted to fall asleep and have too many things running through my mind.
Today, while at the hospital, all 4 of us were on the bed ( somehow) and M and I looked at each other and said ” we love our kids so much and it’s a different kind of love Than we have for each other. “

Sick Kids

Both V and Z have been sick for the last week. It has been tough especially since I’ve been home with them for 4 days now. Last night I was up pretty much all night with her since she does not want to be alone. She has not slept in her crib since 930 last night. Poor girl.
Every moment she’s Awake is spent crying and coughing. She is so miserable and uncomfortable. I really feel bad for her. We have been out of the house since 230 pm and M and Z went to McD to get dinner. There is a chance that V and I might have to stay here for a few more hours. Sucks.
Right now she is asleep in the carseat. She is so exhausted from being sick and crying that all she wants to do is sleep.
Just shortly after she fell asleep, a resident came in and woke her up to check on her. I don’t understand why they can’t just pass the info on to the next medical staff instead of having more than 1 person ask the questions and do the assessments. So frustrating. I’m exhausted.
I hope she feels better soon so we can enjoy the holidays.



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